Friday, 20 August, 2010



(A) In the subject of Chemistry:-
All answer sheets of those who took the subject of Chemistry has to be
revalued by applying the correct key answers, to the following questions:
1) Which of the following has four significant figures
(A) 0.0011 (B) 6.023x1023
(C) 23.200 (D) 3.8 x 1010
2) What is the enthalpy change for the reaction H2+I2h 2HI if the bond
energies of H-H, I-I and H-I are 433, 151 and 299 KJ Mo1-1 respectively.
(A) 28 KJ (B) -28 KJ (C) -14 KJ (D) 14 KJ
3) All those who gave Protosil as the name of the compound in relation
to the molecular structure given in the question should be awarded marks.

B) In the subject of History:-
1) All those who chose the option Subburaya Chettiyar as the first Chief
Minister belonging to Justice Party should be given the marks.
2) All those who chose John Wycliffe as the person who challenged the
authority of the Church, should be given marks. Persons who chose Martin
Luther King should lose the marks if already awarded.

C) In the subject of Education:-
1)Persons who chose Ausubel's Model as the one which was not on
curriculum development, should be given marks. Persons who chose the
Hunkin's Model should lose marks.
2) For the question about the location of Southern Regional Office of
UGC, persons who chose Bangalore or Hyderabad should both be given
marks, since they have South Western Regional Office in Bangalore and
South Eastern Office in Hyderabad. Therefore, the key answer is wrong.

D) In the subject of Mathematics:-
TRB should award marks for candidates who chose either of the two
options (A) or (D) for the question
"The function f(z)=[z]2 is
(A) differentable at z=0
(B) differentable at z40
(C) nowhere differentable
(D) not harmonic"

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